Caring For Your Wool Coat

7 December 2015
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Owning a wool coat is a small luxury you love all winter season long. You want your coat to remain in great condition for years so you can enjoy its classic lines even as styles change every season. Caring for your wool coat ensures that you can enjoy the beautiful, soft material and keep your coat in beautiful condition for as long as possible. Here are some care tips you can use for your wool coat.

Dry clean only

It may be tempting to just sprinkle a few drops of water on your wool coat and toss it in the dryer on a delicate cycle when it needs some fluffing, but this can be disastrous. Wool shrinks when it gets hot, and the tumbling cycle of your dryer can actually cause the fibers to become flat and dull. Always take your wool coat to a dry cleaner so it can be properly steamed, pressed, and ready to go when you want to wear it.

Brush and hang your coat

Wool is prone to attracting debris and hair, so you will want to keep your coat fresh. Use a suede brush to gently lift hair, dirt, and other debris on your coat before wearing it or hanging it up. Avoid using a sticky hair remover tool, as the residue from the adhesive can get on your wool coat and become difficult to remove. When hanging your coat, always use a wide plastic or wooden hanger to maintain and support the shape of your garment. Wire hangers can leave unsightly points in the shoulders of your wool coat, so they should be avoided. If you have been hanging your wool coat with a metal hanger and it has lost its shape as a result, take your coat to the dry cleaner. They can repair the damage for you and return your coat to its normal silhouette.

Remove moisture quickly

If you get your wool coat wet in the rain or accidentally spill something on it, blot the moisture out of your coat immediately. Moisture can damage the fibers on your coat. If any spills leave a stain on your garment, don't wipe or rub at them. Instead, take your coat to the dry cleaner as soon as you can sot hey can lift the stain effectively.

With the right care, you can enjoy your wool coat for many years. This durable and warm material is meant to last with just a little bit of maintenance. Your dry cleaner will be able to help you with any further care tips to keep your wool coat in pristine condition for a lifetime.