A Couple Of Custom Printed Shirt Myths And Notions

15 May 2017
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Custom printed shirts can have a number of important uses. Whether you are needing to have some of these shirts are for your business or simply to express yourself, screen printing can be an economical solution for allowing you to meet your clothing needs. While needing to have screen printed shirts made can be a common business requirement, there are individuals that are likely being influenced by some false notions concerning these garments and printing services.

Myth: Custom Printed Shirts Always Use Low-Quality Fabrics

There are many people that may benefit from providing their workers with official uniforms, but they may be hesitant about placing a bulk or later order with the insurance company. These concerns are likely to be due to a fear of not be able to quality check any shirts before you make large orders.

Luckily, there are many fabrics that are available that are both economical as well as comfortable for your workers. In particular, dri fit fabrics are particularly suitable for workers that have jobs that can cause them to become extremely hot and sweaty as these fabrics will help the skin get ample air flow so that any sweat can dry as soon as possible.

Myth: It Is Impossible To Prevent The Print From Fading After A Couple Of Washes

If you find yourself needing to have custom printed shirts made for your workers, you will need to understand that regularly washing can be somewhat wearing on these garments. Often, this problem will be the result of the printed portion of the shirt rubbing against other garments and materials. If you turn the shirt inside out, you will help to avoid this problem as the screen print is less likely to rub against the other items that are in the washer. Also, you will find that the heat of the dryer can cause the print on these shirts to start to fade. Sadly, you can not completely eliminate these fashion problems, but taking these precautions when it comes to your custom printed shirts can help to minimize the damages that occur.

Having custom shirts made can be an excellent way of giving your worker's professional appearing uniforms while minimizing the costs that are involved with ordering these shirts. Once you are aware of the different fabrics that can be chosen for your project as well as the basic steps that can reduce fading of your screen print will help you with being informed when ordering these clothing items. Talk with a local company about custom dri fit printing for more information.