Buying Secondhand Activewear: Four Tips For Success

24 September 2017
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One of the frustrating things about working out is that as you lose weight and change size, your workout clothes stop fitting and you have to buy new ones! One way to keep costs down is to purchase gently used active wear from others who have experienced the same thing and are now selling their too-big apparel. If you're thinking of buying used active wear, follow these tips to ensure it's a good experience:

Buy From Brands You Know

When you buy used, you don't have as big of a selection as when you buy new. You may be tempted to buy items with which you are unfamiliar simply because they are what's available. However, you can avoid total calamity by at least looking for brands you know and love. If you've liked a specific brand in the past, then you're likely to enjoy their other items. Plus, you can be more assured that the sizes fit as you expect. (If you've never bought Brand X before, you may not know if you're a size small or medium -- and you can't typically try used clothing on before buying it!)

Look For Tag-On Clothing

Keep in mind that not all used athletic apparel is actually used. Some people may be selling items that they never actually wore and that still have the tags on. You'd be surprised how many people are gifted workout apparel that they don't want or cannot use! If the idea of wearing someone else's workout clothes feels a bit strange to you, then look exclusively for these tag-on items. They'll still be cheaper than "new" ones from the store. Even if you don't mind wearing actually used clothing, tag-on items are always a good bet when it comes to the condition of the apparel.

Look For Timeless Pieces

The thing about buying used workout clothing is that the items you see are going to be what was fashionable a few months or even a few years ago. To avoid looking off-trend, focus on looking for timeless pieces. For example, a plain black tank top never goes out of style, whereas one with a big floral print will. Shop smart, and you may even be able to sell the items again when they no longer fit you!

Look At Pictures Closely

If you are shopping for used active wear online, never buy without looking at several close-up pictures. If the seller only has one picture from far away, it might be because they are hiding a stain or other damage.

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