The Top Ways To Dress Up A Men's Ultra Soft Flowy Tee

5 February 2020
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How should you wear a men's ultra soft flowy tee? This casual part of your wardrobe isn't just for weekend-wear. Take a look at the ways to add style to this subtle, soft, and versatile item.

Pair Your Tee with Skinny Jeans

The flowy fabric of your top doesn't mean you have to go equally as baggy on the bottom. Up the style factor, modernize your look, and pair your super-soft t-shirt with dark denim skinny jeans. Tuck the bottom of the shirt into the front of the jeans and accessorize with a bold buckle or sleek belt. If a belt isn't the only way you want to accessorize your ensemble, read on for more accent options.

Accessorize Your Tee

Along with a belt, you can accessorize your outfit with other accent pieces. Layer a long chain, wear a bold watch, choose a modern pair of aviator sunglasses, or top your ensemble with a stylish hat.

Layer Over Your Tee

While you don't want to hide your shirt completely, you can add a layer or two over it for added style. If the weather is still warm, add a cotton or linen button-down to the mix. Unbutton the front of the shirt to show off the tee, and roll up the sleeves for a casual look.

If you want a more sophisticated look, layer a tailored jacket or blazer on top of the tee. Pair the shirt with khakis for a business-casual style.

Wear a Pair of Statement Boots

Don't forget about footwear as you put together a tee-centered outfit. For a modern look, pair the tee with jeans and black ankle-length boots. If you prefer a more rugged style, try work boots or a brown leather cowboy style.

Choose a New Hue

There's no reason to stick to the basics. Dress up your overall outfit with an unexpected pop of color. While bright or bold pants may seem clownish, your shirt is the perfect place to pick a notice-me hue. This doesn't mean you have to select a fire engine red or emerald green shirt (even though you can). Consider a deep maroon, burnt orange, or gold color.

A men's ultra soft flowy tee-shirt may work well with shorts and athletic-wear. But these aren't the only casual-cool outfit options. Whether you pair the shirt with skinny jeans, a felt fedora, a tailored blazer, or leather boots, you can dress up your tee and create a sleek style.