Searching For The Best Winter Boot

5 March 2015
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Canadian winters can be tough, and you'll need sturdy yet comfortable footwear in order to get around. With snow and ice in abundance, it's essential to find a good pair of boots that will last and will be comfortable and stylish. If you're on the hunt for the best winter boot this season, here are some pointers to help ensure you get the most out of your investment.

What To Look For

When you're seeking out that perfect pair, there's a few features a superior pair of winter boots should have. First and foremost, the boots should be waterproof. Rainy and snowy weather means water can get into your shoes, which can be uncomfortable and dangerous in frigid temperatures. Look for boots that state they're waterproof, not just water resistant. You also want a pair of boots with great soles that can grip easily on snow and ice. Take a look at the soles to see what kind of tread they have, and make sure they can handle rough winter terrain.

Keeping your feet warm in winter is also extremely important. Find boots that fit at least mid-calf, since these will offer the most warmth and protection against the cold. Look for warm linings such as fur (or faux fur), fleece, or sherpa. This material adds an extra layer of warmth and is also soft and comfortable. You'll also want to make sure the boots you choose are made of a good weatherproof material. Leather can get easily damaged and show scratches, so try to find boots that are made of nylon exteriors or other synthetic material that will not show every single scratch or ding.

What to Avoid

Since the number of shoe manufacturers are plentiful, it's easy to get your selections muddled among all of those choices. Try to avoid buying boots that are too rigid, because they will be very difficult to walk with in snow. Find boots that have a very flexible sole and upper part that allow your feet and legs to move naturally and bend as you walk. Boots that are too stiff can be hard to walk in and potentially dangerous. When it comes to color, you can certainly purchase any shade you like, but darker colors are recommended. White or light tan boots will show dirt and damage much more easily. Shop around and read other peoples' reviews in advance in order to get the whole picture of the boots you want so that you will be prepared during the cold winter months. 

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