Tips For Picking Frames When You Have A Round Face Shape

10 June 2015
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When you get fitted for prescription glasses, you want to pick out frames that contrast the shape of your face. If you don't, the frames may create an illusion that exaggerates the dimensions of your face in an unflattering way. For example, when you have a round face, glasses with round frames aren't the best choice as they draw attention to your round features and may even make your face look chubby. Here are a few tips for choosing the best frames to match your round face.

Choose Frames With Angles

Frames with upswept angles at the outside corners make your face seem narrower. This helps break up the appearance of roundness. Glasses that are wider than they are long are good choices too, since they have a different geometry from your face. While rectangular frames are ideal, you may think they look too nerdy for you. If so, choose frames that are straight and wide on the top, and curved on the bottom. This breaks up the roundness in your forehead area.

Consider Frames With A Decorative Brow

Round faces are perfect for wearing frames with embellishments. Embellishments on the brow part of the frame draw attention to the straight line of the frame. This diminishes the roundness of your face and gives you the chance to be artsy and fashionable with your glasses. Colors and patterns such as zebra stripes work well on round faces too.

Get The Right Fit

Over-sized glasses are not the best choice when you have a face that is equally proportioned. Instead, choose glasses that sit at or above your cheekbones. This creates an illusion that makes your face look longer and narrower. The nose piece should fit perfectly as this will hold the bridge in the proper place between your eyes. If you choose a light color for the bridge, it makes your eyes appear wider apart. This may help break up the curved features of your face.

Consider Skin Color Too

Besides choosing angular frames that contrast with the shape of your face, you want to choose a color that complements your skin tone and eye color. Glasses are available today in a wide variety of styles, colors, and patterns. While you want to express your personality, you also want a color that enhances your skin tone and draws attention to your eyes.

Picking out new prescription glasses can be a big ordeal, especially if it's your first time. Let the optician guide you, and take a friend along to offer feedback on your choices. Fortunately, glasses are affordable, so you can buy a few different pairs. That way you'll have a pair that makes you look professional for work, and a pair that makes you look flirty and fun. Contact a local prescription glasses outlet, such as Sol Optix, for further assistance.