How To Check To Make Sure Cowboy Boots Fit Properly

15 July 2015
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A pair of cowboy boots is an article of clothing that is exceedingly comfortable if it fits correctly, and torture to wear if it doesn't. In order to make sure that you can go anywhere in your cowboy boots without popping blisters or having them form in the first place, you're going to need to make absolutely sure that they fit perfectly. Here are the steps to follow to make sure that your boots are comfortable.

1. Put Them On

Sit down to put your boots on. When you wear them, make sure that you have on a pair of socks that is indicative of the type of socks that you normally wear. If you wear socks that are very thick, then you might feel like the boots are too small. If your socks are thinner than normal or if you're not wearing socks, the boots might feel too loose.

2. Check the Instep

Before you stand up, cross your legs in order to get one of your feet closer to you. Turn the instep so that it is facing you. Start to rub the instep of the boot with one or two fingers. If you see a large, heavily indented wrinkle form when you start rubbing the instep, then your foot is not hitting the instep correctly and the boots are too big. If you rub and only a slight wrinkle appears, then the boots fit correctly. If no wrinkle appears, then the leather is stretched tight against your foot and you will need to go up a size.

3. Check the Toes

Stand up. First, run your fingers against the outer end of the toes of your boot. Make sure that your smaller toes are touching the leather gently and not pressing up against it. Next, check your big toe. The leather on your cowboy boots should extend slightly beyond your big toe. None of your toes should feel as though they are more than a half inch away from the end of the cowboy boot or being forced up against the boot.

4. Don't Worry About Your Heels Slipping

Finally, walk around in the boots to make sure that they are comfortable. If you notice that your heels are slipping, don't give it a lot of thought. This is normal for new cowboy boots and will go away after your have worn the boots a few times.

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