Orthopedic Shoe-Buying Guide For Wide Feet

2 September 2015
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Having wide feet means you have to take certain precautions when buying orthopedic shoes. You need to have the right ball, arch, and heel support in order to bring relief to your joints and give your body better balance. Use this guide to help you choose the best orthopedic shoes for your wide feet so you have the comfort and protection you need.

Get arch support

The wide berth of your feet can place a strain on your arch, causing it to flatten unnaturally when you walk or stand. You want orthopedic shoes with a supportive arch to help keep your ligaments firm and flexible. Arch supports are usually made of gel that conforms to the natural contours of your arch for a comfortable, pleasing fit. If you cannot find orthopedic shoes with a comfortable arch, consider adding orthotics, or arch supportive inserts, into your footwear for a more customized fit.

Opt for wide toe room

Shoes that are rounded or squared at the tips are better able to fit your toes than pointed or oval-tipped shoes are. Orthopedic shoes often come in a variety of stylish designs to appeal to trendy customers, so keep this in mind as you are shopping. There are many wide varieties of orthopedic shoes on the market that can comfortably fit your toes while still being trendy. If rounder or wider-tipped shoes are not your style, you may have to opt for footwear a size larger than you normally wear and place heel inserts in the back for a tighter fit.

Kick up your heels

Having wide feet often means your shoes fit in your toes but slip around your heels, which can lead to painful blisters and sore muscles due to the ill fit. When buying orthopedic shoes, seek styles that have heel support or room for heel inserts, so you can acquire a snug fit that is not too constricting. A store that specializes in selling shoes for people with wide feet should be able to help you find styles that will best support your heels for optimum comfort and safety in mobility.

You are not limited in footwear simply because you have wide feet, you just need to know the key things to expect in your shoes. In looking for arch and heel support in your styles and leaving plenty of room for your toes, you should be able to acquire the right orthopedic shoes for your daily needs.

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