4 Tips To Optimize Sleep While Traveling

7 June 2017
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One of the biggest reasons people miss out on sleep is because they are traveling. During this time, many people miss out on sleep because of the stress, time loss when traveling to different time zones, and meeting timelines to catch flights or their taxi. For this reason, before you begin your traveling endeavor, you want to know what you can do to optimize your sleep. Here are four tips to consider:

  1. Pack Your Carry-On Efficiently: In your carry-on for your flight, you are going to want a travel sleep mask. When you know you need to take a nap, but you can't because the person sitting next to you has the reading light on or the person next to the window has decided to leave it open, a sleep mask is going to help. This will block out the light and trick your brain into thinking it's time for sleep. You should also consider headphones with calming music that will block out the noise of kids screaming or other loud noises that are preventing you from sleeping. Don't forget a blanket too if you have trouble falling asleep without one. 
  2. Be Comfortable: When traveling, you want to wear the most comfortable clothing possible. It should be light and cozy, which is going to help you sleep, especially when sitting in an uncomfortable position. 
  3. Drink Water: While traveling, the only thing you should be drinking is water. It's extremely difficult to get the sleep you need if you are not hydrated. Too often, people think drinking more coffee is going to help them get through their travels, but this is not the case. Not only will it keep you up, but it will dehydrate you, which leads to more excessive tiredness. 
  4. Snack Healthy: While traveling, you probably aren't going to have time for large meals, so instead it's important to snack healthy. This is going to fuel your body in a healthy way that will also promote healthy sleep. 

When you consider these four tips, you are going to keep your body in a healthy state that will help you optimize the amount of sleep you need while traveling. Be sure that you take advantage of it and don't forget those travel essentials like your sleep mask. A sleep mask is going to help, especially when you are in new surroundings. It can be difficult to turn your mind off to these new surroundings, but a sleep mask will do that for you. This is too often something that people do not think is actually going to be helpful when, in reality, it truly is.