How To Easily Fix A Tear In Your Leather Jacket With A Few Simple Supplies

12 July 2017
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If your leather jacket has a tear in it, you can easily fix it with a few simple supplies and a little bit of free time. Here is what you need to do.

#1 Find The Tear

First, you need to locate the tear. Once you find the tear, you are going to want to use a piece of cellphone tape on the tear. The purpose of the tape is to put it over the tear to keep the edges of the leather straight and prevent further tearing or ripping from occurring.

Be sure to test the tape out and make sure it is not too sticky to your jacket. If it feels too sticky, pressing on the sticky side a few times with your finger should remove some of the sticky residue from the tape and ensure that it doesn't leave residue behind n your jacket.

#2 Turn Your Jacket Inside Out

Second, turn your jacket inside out. When you do this, try and find the location of the tear. The tape should help you find it. If you have trouble finding the location of the tear, place your finder on the tear on the right side of the jacket and find where your finger is at on the other side of the jacket.

#3 Cut Into The Lining

If the tear didn't go into the lining, you are going to want to make a small cut in the lining in order to access the backside of the leather and fix it. You can use a seam ripper is the tear is located next to a seam.

#4 Find Fabric That Matches The Tear

Next, you need to find and take fabric that matches the leather color. Cut it down to size so that it is a little bigger than the tear in your jacket. Then use fabric glue to glue it to the back of the tear that should be held together with tape. You are going to need to press on the fabric from both sides to get the leather to stick. Allow the glue to dry for a few hours.

#5 Remove The Tape

Now you need to turn your jacket right-side out and remove the tape.  The leather should be practically together. If the leather does not look like it is bound together by the fabric you put behind it, put a tiny bit of fabric glue right on the crack and use a small device, like a needle, to push the leather into place.

Let everything dry and your crack in your leather should not be visible. For more information on caring for leather jackets, contact a company like JC Western Wear.