Four Questions To Ask Before Purchasing A Pair Of Cowboy Boots For Your Girlfriend

1 August 2017
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Many women want to own a pair of great cowboy boots because they look very cute when worn with dresses. If your girlfriend is interested in getting a pair of cowboy boots, it is important to take the time to ask a few questions before buying her a pair. The following guide walks you through a few questions to ask your girlfriend before you head to the women's clothing section of the mall.

Ask Her if She Wants Her Boots to Have a Heel

You first need to determine if she wants a pair of boots that have a heel on them or if she would prefer boots that are flat. The heel of cowboy boots can vary greatly so you want to be sure to choose an option that will be comfortable for her. There are some women who simply are not comfortable wearing heels and it would be best to purchase them flat soled boots.

Ask Her What Shape She Wants the Toe of the Boots to Be

Cowboy boots are available with different toe shapes as well. If your girlfriend has a wide foot, she may prefer a square or rounded toe because they provide extra room in the foot bed. Some women are traditionalists and prefer snip toed boots instead. These boots are more pointed at the toe and have a smaller foot bed.

Ask Her How High She Wants the Boots to Go on Her Shin

You also need to discuss with your girlfriend how far up her shin she would like the boots to go. Some boots stop at the ankle, some stop midway up the shin, and some go just below the knee. You want to be sure that the boots you choose are the right height to suit your girlfriend.

Ask Her If She Wants Plain or Decorative Boots

Finally, you need to discuss what style of boots she wants to wear. There are some highly decorated boots on the market that create a very unique look. There are also more basic options that can be worn with just about anything your girlfriend could want to wear. You need to be sure to know exactly what design she wants on the boots if a decorative option is the one she chooses.

Cowboy boots can be quite expensive, so taking the time to ask these questions before buying the boots can save you a lot of hassle in the end. If you buy her a pair of boots that do not fit her well or that are not the style that she wanted, there is a good chance that she will never wear them.