Give Screen Printed Gifts This Christmas

26 October 2017
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Part of the fun of Christmas is giving presents to your friends and family, right? If you have decided to give personalized gifts this Christmas, you're smart to shop early. It'll be great to know that your shopping is done so that you can enjoy things like making Christmas cookies with your kids. Since you've decided to give screen printed gifts, you're smart to order them now so there won't be disappointments later in the season. That's especially true if you'll be sending some of the gifts to out-of-town friends and family members.

Who's On Your List? -

It's a good idea to make a list of those who will be receiving gifts from you.

  • Leave the list out where you can see it so that you can add names as you think of them.
  • For example, you might remember that a certain friend gave you a great gift last Christmas.
  • If you want to reciprocate, write that person's name on the list. 
  • Don't forget to check names off the list when you have wrapped them and they're ready to be presented.

What Should You Order? -

There are so many choices of custom screen printed gifts that you might have trouble deciding which ones to get. Think of looking at catalogs with screen printed items in them to get ideas.

  • If you have little children on your list, think of ordering small toy bags with the children's names on them.
  • For the gals on your list, think of ordering large canvas tote bags, this time with monograms on them.
  • Personalized screen printed T-shirts would be great for the men on your list.
  • Consider ordering personalized baseball caps for all the teenagers on your list.

What If You Need Extras? -

Remember that you might need gifts for people you didn't even think of when you were making your list. For example, you might be invited to go to a gift exchange party.

  • One idea is to order screen printed aprons for both men and women.
  • Think of a clever message to have screen printed on the aprons.
  • For example, choose words for the front of the apron like Help Would Be Appreciated! 
  • Choose colors like yellow or blue for the aprons, as they'll be good for both men and women.

Don't worry if you have leftover extra gifts. Screen printed aprons will be a good gift for upcoming birthdays and other special events. Contact your local screen printing services for more information and assistance.