Important Clothing Features To Look For When Backpacking Outdoors

8 August 2018
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There's nothing like backpacking in the great outdoors. It exposes you to some beautiful scenery and allows you to make some long-lasting memories. To ensure these outdoor adventures are as enjoyable as possible, you'll want to invest in outdoor clothing that has the following features. 


Backpacking outside requires a lot of limber movements, whether you're jumping over streams or climbing over large boulders. Performing these body movements would be difficult if you had restrictive clothing. So that you have a greater range of motion and flexibility, opt for clothing that's loose-fitting. 

You can then move your arms and legs in any direction freely, ultimately enhancing your safety while hiking. Loose-fitting outdoor clothes, such as southern long sleeve t shirts, are also extremely comfortable to wear, which is important if you plan on backpacking for more than a couple of hours. Just make sure your clothes aren't so loose-fitting that they easily fall off while you move. 


Being outdoors during the summer can make your body hot and sweaty, which would certainly put a damper on your backpacking adventures. To combat excessive sweat, consider purchasing outdoor clothing that features moisture-wicking materials.

Any perspiration on your body will be wicked away by this clothing, so you can remain dry and comfortable. Probably one of the best wicking materials for outdoor clothing is polyester. It works great in hot and humid environments and is extremely lightweight. Wool is another great material for moisture-wicking capabilities. It is better suited for wet environments, though. 


Probably the most important thing to concern yourself with when backpacking outside for hours is the sun. It produces harmful UV rays that can cause severe skin damage relatively fast if you're not careful. So that your body is full protected from these rays, you need to wear clothing that offers UV-protection. 

You'll know if the shirts and pants you buy can provide this protection if they have a UV rating. These ratings will vary from brand to brand, so it's important to find out what this rating is before buying. The higher the UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) rating a clothing item has, the better it can protect your body from sun exposure. 

Backpacking is an incredible experience that you can share with others outdoors. However, to get the most out of these experiences, you need to equip yourself with outdoor clothing that has the right features. Only then can you backpack in a safe and enjoyable manner.