Three Bustier Designs To Consider

13 December 2021
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When you shop for a piece of lingerie that will spice things up in the bedroom, one product that you'll come across is a bustier. Online lingerie stores sell bustiers in all sorts of sizes and colors, which can make it easy for you to find this piece of lingerie in a look that suits you. Something that you'll notice when you browse a selection of bustiers is that they have a wide range of designs. If you already own a bustier, you'll see enough options that will allow you to find something similar or opt for something completely different. Here are three popular bustier designs that you'll encounter.


While a lot of bustiers are long enough in the body that they come down to meet your underwear, you'll also find this piece of lingerie in a shorter cut. If you like the idea of having some of your midsection exposed — perhaps because you've worked hard at keeping this part of your body toned and you feel sexy and confident when your partner can see it — you may wish to shop for a short bustier. Short bustiers are available in several different lengths, so you'll be able to choose one that gives you the sexy look you want.


It's common for bustiers to have straps and go over your shoulders, so you'll likely see lots of bustiers that have this design. While a lot of people favor having these straps, you might be looking for something a little different. If so, you can focus on strapless bustiers. There are lots of advantages to choosing this design. For example, if you're planning to wear an additional piece of lingerie on top of your bustier and it leaves your shoulders exposed, a strapless bustier will be a good product to choose.


At any lingerie store, you can expect to see a number of garter belts in a wide range of styles. While a lot of people enjoy adding one of these belts to their outfit, another option is to buy a bustier that has a garter built into it. This type of bustier has straps connected to the bottom of the garment that you'll clip to the tops of your stockings. Your lingerie store also sells lots of different stocking sets, so you may wish to shop for something that will be a good visual match to the garter bustier you're buying.

Check out online or local lingerie stores to learn more about bustiers and other types of kinky lingerie.