Three Benefits Of A Tandem Double Stroller

28 March 2022
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When you visit a children's accessories store to shop for a double stroller, one of the first things that you'll need to decide is what seating configuration you favor. A lot of double strollers are built with the seats side by side, but you'll also see models in which one seat is positioned behind the other. The latter design, commonly known as a tandem double stroller, has a lot of advantages. There are many of these strollers on the market, so you can assess several models to find one that offers the features and functionality you need. Here are three benefits of using a tandem double stroller.

Narrower Width

Perhaps the biggest advantage of using a tandem double stroller is how this device is narrower than a stroller in which the seats are side by side. If you're the type of parent who will take your two young children to many different places, you'll appreciate having a stroller that is easy to maneuver in tight spaces. For example, whether you're using the stroller on a crowded city street or in a shop that has narrow aisles, you'll find that the narrow design of a tandem double stroller allows you to navigate these spaces without issues.

Fewer Conflicts

While you might not have to worry about conflicts between your children when they're extremely young, this is something that can be a concern when they get a little older but are still in the stroller. The design of a tandem double stroller helps to create some distance between both of your kids. When one child is positioned behind the other, instead of the kids sitting side by side, they won't be able to reach one another. This means that a grumpy child won't be able to reach out and make contact with their sibling, potentially creating a challenging conflict for you to diffuse.

Blocked Vision

The design of a tandem double stroller generally means that while the child in the front seat will have a clear view of their surroundings, the child in the rear seat's view will be partially blocked by the seat in front of them. This feature can actually be a benefit. If you have one child who is tired and whom you want to sleep, you can place them in the rear seat. Having fewer things to see can help them to fall asleep; conversely, if you were to place this child in the front seat, the variety of sights around them could engage them enough to keep them awake.

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